drirelease custom blends

“The unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers in drirelease yarn actually accelerates the water release rate of our fabrics. In fact, DR fabrics push water and perspiration to the outside of a garment and into the air faster than other performance fabrics available on the market. The added boost of FreshGuard, embedded in all DR blends, delivers unmatched odor control.

drirelease technology is available in a wide range of classic and fashion-forward blends. Comfortable classic cotton, Merino wool that never feels damp against the skin, silk that’s machine washable for summer cool and winter warmth, natural linen, TENCEL®, E.C.O. (Environmentally Correct Origins), and customizable blends that meet our partners’ specific needs.”


85% polyester / 15% cotton

Removes perspiration fast

Dries 4x faster than cotton

FreshGuard prevents odor

Patented permanent performance

Won’t shrink or lose shape


88% polyester / 12% TENCEL®

Regenerated cellulosic fiber

Soft and drapey

FreshGuard prevents odor

Fashionable functionality


88% polyester / 12% wool

As warm as 100% wool without the itch

Never feels clammy against the skin

FreshGuard prevents odor

Machine Washable


85% recycled polyester / 15% organic or recycled cotton

88% recycled polyester / 12% wool, bamboo or other natural fibers

FreshGuard prevents odor

Committed to comfort and environmental conservation


88% polyester / 12% silk

Soft, lustrous and luxurious

Unique thermal properties keep you cool in summer, warm in winter

FreshGuard prevents odors

Machine washable


88% polyester / 12% linen

Natural slub effect adds texture

Easy, breezy comfort

The perfect summer solution

FreshGuard prevents odor

Machine washable


88% Acrylic / 12% TENCEL® or Wool

Soft and Natural hand feel and aesthetics

Permanent moisture wicking comfort

FreshGuard prevents odor

Machine Washable


88% nylon / 12% cotton, TENCEL® or wool

Super soft hand and feel

FreshGuard prevents odor

Piece dyeable

Designed for seamless


88% polyester / 12% cashmere

Comfortable Warmth

Luxurious soft comfort

FreshGuard prevents odor

Machine Washable

GEOcool_title copy

Mineral infused technology

Cooling Technology

Cool Touch – Absorb and dissipates heat

a global solutions provider

At drirelease, we believe that one of our core services is assisting with global supply chains to help clients meet ever-tightening manufacturing turns and deadlines.

Over the past two decades, we have built a global network of licensed yarn spinners. We are proud to have introduced many clients to partners within this network. Whether lending support to quickly get your vendors up and running with DR, or helping you source the best fabric mill, our team offers unparalleled technical know-how through the entire process. We work with retailers and brands of all sizes to ensure their garments provide the best performance.