drirelease technology blends

The unique drirelease technology blend of synthetic and natural fibers accelerates the water release rate of the fabrics pushing water and perspiration to the outside of the garment into the air, faster than other performance fabrics available on the market, without chemicals. What makes your fabric performance be permanent and eco-friendly.

DR technology is available in a wide range of classic and fashion-forward blends. Comfortable classic cotton, Merino wool that never feels damp against the skin, silk that’s machine washable for summer cool and winter warmth, easy-care natural linen, soft and smooth Lyocell, E.C.O. (Environmentally Correct Origins) with BCI, organic cotton and/or recycled polyester, and customizable blends that meet your specific needs developed in the DR Comfort Lab.

drirelease comfort solutions

Besides drirelease blends, we have developed different technologies solutions to be fully part of your life doesn't matter how far you go. From mountains to beaches, from winter to summer, from raining to sunny days, we always keep you comfortable and protected.

your fabric solutions provider

Looking for new textile solutions? drirelease Comfort Lab is where the future happens, from developing innovative technologies to establishing global supply chain solutions, trusted by known brands.

Always at the front, DR became a valued resource to brands and fabrics mills for up-to-date advancements in rends, technology, materials designs, product developments, performance tests and supply chain solutions.

As a company, DR is built on a foundation of scientific inquiry, research and innovation in textiles technology. Our global supplier network ensures the production, quality and availability of our blends and textiles solutions. DR is a leader in providing solutions to textile and apparel industries!