brand enhancement opportunities

Adding drirelease tags, neck labels, heat transfer labels or stickers to your product expresses to your customers that you’re at the leading edge of performance fabric technology. Plus, the proven science behind all DR blends will help to strengthen your brand by capitalizing on the consumer’s confidence in our engineered solutions. Available free of charge, the hangtag system highlights many key benefits of DR blends with market-specific translations that allow for easy communication on a global scale. DR innovative fabric blends and established brand equity adds quality and value to those items that incorporate our materials. Do not miss the opportunity to increase the value of your products. If you are using DR — display a hangtag, label, or sticker. You can also contact us directly to develop your own DR custom tag or label.

drirelease hangtag system

An essential aspect to the drirelease brand identity is our hangtag system. Designed to offer our partners maximum flexibility and in-store impact, the tags literally layer valuable consumer information to add value to your garment. The tags unique shapes are based on the DR logo’s rounded-edge cube drawing a customer’s attention and helping to create consumer preference. When all three tags are combined, the result is a stylish addition to your product’s retail display that also offers valuable consumer information.  Although the drirelease tags have a confident visual presence, the simple design is sure to enhance and not detract from your own brand image.

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