Featured Interview with AFTCO

Happy March! This month’s Featured Interview is with one of our favorite fishing & tackle lifestyle brands, AFTCO. Matt Florentino, Creative Marketing Manager, has been with AFTCO for nearly five years and shares the same passion for fishing as the consumers who buy their products. He was the perfect person to sit down with to discuss AFTCO’s adoption of drirelease.

drirelease: How would you describe AFTCO’s brand?
AFTCO: We are the American Fishing Tackle Company. AFTCO has a rich heritage of innovation in angling and are proud to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year.  AFTCO is a family owned and operated company that has a reputation for building the finest tackle and technical fishing clothing.

At AFTCO we place conservation first. Our passion for the outdoors goes beyond our product with AFTCO’s commitment to help protect our fishing resources and angler rights. Our conservation minded approach originated in 1973 and continues today through our 10% Pledge to Protect and Conserve. Each year since 1973, AFTCO has contributed 10% of profits to directly support key conservation initiatives that effect our fisheries.

drirelease: How would you describe your customer?
AFTCO: The AFTCO customer loves the outdoors, lives for being on the water, appreciates products that get the job done…and digs a clean style. AFTCO products are designed for Any Fish, Any Water…no boundaries. Whether it’s inshore on the kelp beds, offshore chasing blue water, or bass fishing for 5 giants….AFTCO has quality clothing that will provide performance and comfort that you can rely on.

drirelease: You are releasing new fishing gear that uses drirelease GEO Cool. What is the added benefit customers can expect from the technology behind those products?
AFTCO: The Barracuda GEO Cool Performance Fishing Shirt is available now and we have future styles in upcoming line plans. drirelease GEO Cool is a unique fabric that will truly help anglers that spend long days on the water in hot, humid conditions where any upper-hand of comfort throughout the day is HUGE; the GEO Cool technology will be a crucial factor to keeping you cool and collected to keep charging. During long days with many casts under the beating sun, the ability to stay cool is (as cliché as it sounds) a game changer.

drirelease: What can customers expect to follow the Barracuda GEO Cool Performance Fishing Shirt?
AFTCO: We’re not sure just yet, but you can expect AFTCO to continue to push the envelope with innovative fishing clothing. AFTCO takes feedback and continues to fine tune things to produce products that continue to improve your time on the water. Utilizing technology like drirelease GEO Cool to our line is a prime example of addressing feedback from folks in the field.

drirelease: What led you to ultimately determine that drirelease GEO Cool was the solution that your customers were looking for?
AFTCO: Ever since we started in the ‘50s, we pride ourselves on really spending the time and effort to find the right fabrics, the right fits, and going the extra mile to make products that are really beneficial in keeping our customers warm, comfortable, and dry while fishing. We definitely do our due-diligence and take the time and effort to thoroughly R&D products to deliver a garment that we’re proud to place the AFTCO name on.


Family owned and operated, the American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) represents unparalleled quality, performance and reliability when it counts most. Worn across the globe, AFTCO’s fishing clothing is designed to handle the harshest elements. Whether you’re an elite professional bass angler looking to stay dry in a late fall downpour or an offshore weekend warrior seeking protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, AFTCO keeps you fishing comfortably. AFTCO products are field tested from our Southern California offices where many of our core saltwater fishing tackle products are still proudly handcrafted and manufactured in our U.S.-based machine shop.