Featured Interview with Arborwear


Welcome to the very first drirelease blog post! The idea for this blog came about while our team was on a business trip, discussing new ways to show the world just how stellar our partner brands really are. After the suggestion of shouting it from the mountaintops that surrounded our Salt Lake City meeting room was shot down, this seemed like a slightly less adventurous but more effective option.

Being a long-time partner, it felt right having Arborwear as our first Featured Interview. We sat down with Arborwear’s Team Captain, Bill Weber; VP of Marketing, Dawn Wayt; and Manager of Design & Development, Marcy Cope. After some catching up, we got right down to business.


drirelease: For those who are unfamiliar with your brand, how would you describe Arborwear?
: We are makers of honest, hardworking clothing for people who work hard and play hard outdoors. Some of the key attributes that encompass our brand are honesty, hardworking, fun and down to earth. We hear that, not only from [Arborwear] employees, but also from our customers. We’ve got a tremendously passionate customer-base who really love wearing Arborwear and that is what they exemplify for us as well.

drirelease: On that note, how would you describe the Arborwear customer?
: Our key customers are people who work hard outdoors. Most of those people are working in the green industry; tree care, landscaping, conservation. And on the other side of the brand, we also serve people who play hard outdoors; outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking or camping or rock climbing are more into our apparel.

drirelease: So what kind of experience can the customer expect from your drirelease products?
: Our customers have become familiar with the permanence of performance that doesn’t wash out, the fast drying of the drirelease formula, the wicking, the odor control, and gaining all of these performance characteristics with a cotton hand-feel.

drirelease: And what do all those benefits do to help your customers?
: All the guys and girls [spending a lot of time] outdoors would expect to have some of that performance – the fast drying, the moisture wicking – in the garment for comfortability as they work outside or play outside. Our most popular [drirelease product] is our Tech T-Shirt. And that’s just a very simple short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirt. We’ve sold that product to large companies and they’ve built that into their uniforms. They made it a part of their uniform because they realize the benefits of drirelease and they realize the benefits of keeping their employees cool on the job. When you’re not overheating and when you’re regulating your body temperature better, you’re safer. You’re making clearer decisions. You are thinking about where you are, who’s with you, and what kind of job you’re performing. Most of our customers are performing pretty hazardous jobs, working with heavy machinery, working in roadways; so safety is a very big part of what we do. And having drirelease as part of our product line helps us deliver something that has true safety benefits.

drirelease: What has been the response to your drirelease products from your customers?
: Well we started out selling these more on a [small quantity] basis and getting them in real small pockets of employee groups, and [those employee groups] started realizing the benefits. It’s funny, you can see their sales of cotton tees go down as their sales of Tech-Ts went up. They really understand the benefit of keeping cool on the job. There are many, many customers who refuse to wear a cotton t-shirt anymore and it’s really delivered a huge benefit. Another thing we did with drirelease is we produced it in some high visibility colors and that has been able to enhance safety, not only by regulating body temperature, but also by delivering that brightness in a t-shirt that increases job safety.



Arborwear prides itself on making high-quality, honest clothing options for both professionals and outdoor enthusiasts to keep them protected from the elements. Their innovative designs are made with heavy-duty fabrics and a knowledge of what outdoor workers and hobbyists need to stay warm, dry, and safe. Arborwear products are pre-shrunk for a broken-in and comfortable wear, have industrial stitching to reduce seam blowouts and strengthen wear and tear for longer use, and include a 3-part construction on pants that extends from inner knee to inner knee to improve range of motion and reduce stress on seams. Arborwear makes honest, hardworking clothing for people who work hard and play hard outdoors.