Featured Interview with Myles Apparel


Happy New Year! We’re starting your 2018 with a brand new blog post featuring an interview with one of our newer brands, Myles Apparel! Having just starting carrying drirelease garments regularly in January of 2017, we said “happy anniversary” by sitting down with Product Manager Evan Orloff to get the dirt on how drirelease has helped their product line grow and expand.


drirelease: Myles is still a relatively new brand out there, and you just launched your drirelease products this year, right?
Myles Apparel: Yeah! We just launched our first drirelease product in January of [2017]. That was our first big launch of the brand beyond just a pair of shorts. So throughout the year, we’ve released new products and have been picking up steam and growing throughout the year. We are currently in development and will be releasing new products in January. The drirelease products will be launched Summer ’18.

drirelease: How would you describe your brand?
Myles Apparel: We’re a men’s athleticwear brand. What we do well is focusing on aesthetics and function while also [conscious] about pricepoint. In athleticwear, there tend to be two categories: the raggedy, old stuff that doesn’t fit really well and then there are [the] super expensive, beautiful garments. But [we know what] our customer [wants]. We are an alternative brand, using really good fabrics in great-looking styles that you can wear day-to-day as well as for a workout in the gym; so you never look out of place wearing our athletic apparel on the weekend or for work on the weekdays. I think we’ve really found that balance and every season we continue to hone that. We want our product to be affordable; we definitely live above the lower-tier athletic apparel but sit below premium. We’ve found a really good niche there.

drirelease: How would you describe your customer?
Myles Apparel: Our customers live in cities and are active. They usually work out a few times a week, whether that’s running or gyms or Crossfit, they like to take weekend trips. They’re not competitive athletes; they’re the ones who like to have fun and don’t take it too seriously, but understand it’s important to stay fit.

drirelease: What benefits can the Myles customers expect from your drirelease products?
Myles Apparel: The beauty of [our] products is that they’re not overly technical in aesthetic, but the function is there. So the combination of synthetic and natural yarns that the drirelease products are made of allows for super quick drying relative to cotton, but [it still feels like] cotton because the yarns are so good. You get this wonderful comfort with a great function to it that keeps the user comfortable while wearing and sweating. And the design makes them appropriate for day-in and day-out activity.

drirelease: What are some of your most popular drirelease products?
Myles Apparel: Currently, we just have a tshirt and a Henley that use drirelease in our line. They did so well that we are going to be coming out with two new products next summer. We’re really excited because drirelease comes in so many different fabrics that we got some great new tshirts coming down the pipeline and can get some great new aesthetic with the same functionality.

drirelease: How does the drirelease partnership impact the success of your product line?
Myles Apparel: We feel that drirelease is an honest approach to a functional fabric and [therefore] a functional garment. drirelease products are simple which is how we design and it’s our aesthetic. It’s easy to explain and fits into our story.


Myles Apparel’s mission is to deliver a fresh perspective on fitness and inspire stylish, healthy(ish) lives. We think there’s more to living an active lifestyle than the relentless pursuit of personal records and six-pack abs (though, hey, we’ll take ’em). We hope to build and empower a community that shares our belief that fitness is a lifetime journey and not a means to an end. From morning runs to evening pick-up games, Myles Apparel is made to enhance the best parts of your day (and look great doing it). Check out the Myles Run Club to get involved—we’d love to meet up for a run and a beer sometime.