Bemis Associates partners with drirelease® to create breathable and light weight seam reinforcement tapes

Munich, Germany – ISPO – January 25, 2016 – Bemis Associates, the design and development partner for the world’s greatest technical, performance, lifestyle and luxury brands, today announced a partnership with drirelease, a global solutions provider of a patented blend of fibers that delivers superior wicking and fast‐drying capabilities. The partnership aims to enhance the construction of performance apparel by creating products that maintain consistent breathability and moisture management throughout a garment.

Bemis Associates and drirelease have collaborated to create truly innovative seam reinforcement tapes that integrate the unique technology of both brands. Bemis’ Flowfree adhesive now promotes airflow through specifically engineered perforations that creates breathability and permits moisture to pass to the drirelease fabric. Once this takes place, drirelease is able to wick that moisture away from the skin. For the first time, apparel brands and their consumers can count on the same comfort and performance in the seams of the garment as they do the fabric.

“In a textile world where a great variety of fabrics are being used in performance garments, it’s critical to be able to offer solutions that are trend-specific, have a natural aesthetic and allow for ultimate performance,” said Lee Thompson, director of sales and business development for drirelease. “We view our partnership with Bemis as a great improvement for brands, designers, and product developers looking to provide just this. Our team is excited to continue working with their team to solve long-standing industry problems.”

DriSeam, Bemis’ latest generation of seam reinforcement tape(SRT), is manufactured with drirelease fabric and is the first SRT with inherent performance benefits for the Sportswear market. drirelease‘s patented combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers add moisture management to a garment, improves eco-friendliness, long-term performance and wicks moisture away from the skin 17 times more effectively than the standard SRT.  DriSeam was also recognized in the “Trims Selection” category by ISPO Textrends 2016.

“For athletes, this partnership means apparel that contributes to performance, rather than distracts,” said Bill Fabiszewski, global marketing manager at Bemis Associates. “Similar to Bemis, drirelease is willing to challenge conventional garment construction and push the boundaries on what is currently possible in the industry. Their fibers add benefits that can’t necessarily be seen, but can definitely be measured, and we look forward to working closely with them on future projects.”

About Bemis Associates

At Bemis, we partner with the world’s great technical, performance, luxury and lifestyle brands to design, create and construct cool stuff. Collaborating closely with designers and developers, we devise solutions to help make their products higher performance, lower profile and better fitting. For over a hundred years we have spanned the globe to work with clients seeking ways to go beyond the limits, to engineer imagination. We make your ideas happen. For more information on the company and its innovative line of seamless construction and Sewfree bonding products, you can visit the company’s website, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

About drirelease

Headquartered in Chicago, drirelease is a global solutions provider, thanks to early development of a worldwide network of top suppliers and mills. As a product division of Optimer Brands, drirelease continues to focus on developing new fiber technologies and fabrics that appeal to the sophisticated design requirements of the world’s top brands while exceeding consumer expectations for comfort, fast drying, temperature regulation and odor control.