drirelease HEMP : Natural wicking, HIGH performance! 


EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Optimer Brands, the parent company of drirelease just launched its new blend. We are proud to introduce THE PERFORMANCE SIDE OF HEMP, with drirelease engineered blend of fibers. drirelease HEMP fabrics, through our natural wicking and fast drying technology, effectively facilitate the passage of moisture from the skin to the atmosphere. 

For millennia, HEMP has been explored for textiles due to its extraordinarily tensile and durable textiles fibers. Feels like cotton, easy to dye, very soft and has high resistance to shrinkage, pilling, mold and mildew. With all these qualities, we decided to develop drirelease HEMP, and give to the cannabis sativa a little bit of technology!

drirelease®is a global technology company pioneer in performance and comfort textiles solutions, trusted by the best brands in the world and literally part of the functional fabrics in today´s marketplace. The diversity of drirelease blends gives you many solutions for wicking, fast drying, cooling and protection benefits — whatever the application — from leisure to high-performance, from fashion to sportswear, also for intimates or sleepwear.

For brands seeking far‐reaching performance apparel solutions, drireleaseis more than an ingredient. We bring the engineering, fresh insights, practical know‐how, and global capabilities together that help the performance apparel industry design for long‐term success. Founded by a group including former Dupont scientists who shared a passion for advancing textile technology, drirelease, based in New Jersey (USA), launches technological blends of fibers and fabrics that deliver permanent and natural wicking, and fast‐drying capabilities.