Optimer Performance Fibers and Pelagic Enter License Agreement

CHICAGO, Ill.  – Optimer Performance Fibers, Inc. and Pelagic, Inc. announced today that they have reached a settlement and have entered into a licensing arrangement that will permit Pelagic to sell certain premium garments that incorporate Optimer’s patented and branded technology under the drirelease® name using Optimer’s licensed manufacturers. Optimer Performance Fibers is the owner of several patents, including U.S. Patent 5,888,914, directed to a highly-effective moisture management technology that improves comfort properties of fabrics and garments.

“With Pelagic entering into a license agreement to utilize Optimer’s patented fabric technology, we can now ensure that our customers are getting the very best performance fabrics on the market today,” said Ron Kawaja, President of Pelagic.

drirelease is well known around the world as a leading moisture management technology. However, drirelease is much more than a branded technology. We are a solutions provider,” said Ashwin Jaju, general manager of drirelease. “drirelease is a resource for fabric, supply chain, product development, trends, design, performance and comfort. We diligently monitor and protect use of our patents and brands. To this end we are pleased to enter into this agreement with Pelagic and work with them to ensure their garments provide the best performance.”

About drirelease®
For brands seeking far-reaching performance apparel solutions, drirelease is more than an ingredient. We bring the engineering, fresh insights, practical know-how, and global capabilities together that help the performance apparel industry design for long-term success. Founded by a group including former Dupont scientists who shared a passion for advancing textile technology, drirelease was launched as a patented blend of fibers that delivers superior wicking and fast-drying capabilities.

With headquarters in Chicago, drirelease today is a global solutions provider, thanks to early development of a worldwide network of top suppliers and mills. As a product division of Optimer Brands, drirelease continues to focus on developing new fiber technologies and fabrics that appeal to the sophisticated design requirements of the world’s top brands while exceeding consumer expectations for comfort, fast drying, temperature regulation and odor control.