Optimer Brands, the parent company of drirelease, is welcoming a new member to its family with the launch of OPTIMER, a suite of innovative solutions with the promise of “Redefining Comfort”. Its unique technologies are designed to be infused at the fabric stage providing almost limitless versatility in fiber content and end use. A wide range of benefits include, but are not limited to, dynamic temperature control, skin soothing relief and fresh garment confidence.  The launch of OPTIMER further strengthens Optimer Brands’ position as the go-to resource for enhancing comfort in textiles and apparel.


With an emphasis on using bio-based and natural raw materials, environmental responsibility is a primary focus with all of OPTIMER’s technologies. FreshGuard Odor Control, FreshGuard with Tea Tree Oil, Soothe with Aloe Vera and Adapt with Phase Change are highlights of the initial launch.






FreshGuard® with Odor Control is a permanent antimicrobial technology for reducing odor caused by bacteria in textiles and is hypoallergenic without interacting with healthy skin bacteria, respecting its normal flora. It’s like having a “clean room” inside, where smells have a tough time forming. 


Soothe with Aloe Vera is an innovative technology that infuses textiles with the bioactive compounds of Aloe Vera. Used to promote healthy skin for over a millenia, Aloe was referred to as the “Plant of Immortality” by the ancient Egyptians. Today it is used to moisturize dry skin and reduce the effects of sun exposure.  OPTIMER® Soothe with Aloe Vera compounds – vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – also utilizes a unique bio-based microencapsulation technology to infuse this botanical extract to textiles and provide extended release of ALOE VERA nutrients. 


Adapt with Phase Change utilizes natural phase change material designed to reuse, restore and recycle the body’s thermal energy. Having a built-in thermostat set to automatically manage our personal climate may just be wishful thinking, but a fabric infused with ADAPT technology is the closest thing to having this dynamic approach to human comfort in textiles. As the body heats up, the ADAPT material liquefies and stores this energy assisting the body in its efforts to cool down. Reacting to a cold environment, the material solidifies and releases the stored energy back to the body for warmth. This ability to adapt to the environment and the body’s response provides a thermal balance for enhanced comfort.


OPTIMER® technologies has been formulated for an extensive variety of textile content, giving it the versatility to be a part of a wide range of end uses.  All markets, from fashion to active, casual to workwear, and sleepwear to bedding, can benefit from its redefining of comfort.