How would you describe Lunapads brand?
So Lunapads will be rebranding as Aisle, and that is where this development work has come from! “Aisle is a reusable period product company based out of Vancouver, Canada. We create period products for every body. Our goal is to make sure that you have the most comfortable period ever. Our products are bold, beautiful, sustainable, and work! We are the best place to have your period.”

What led you to choose drirelease ECO BLEND as a solution for the Truetex product/collection?
Through collaborating with drirelease, we created the Truetex material found in our underwear! We did not want to compromise sustainability for performance, so by using drirelease ECO BLEND, we were able to do both; creating a product that is environmentally friendly and truly works.

What are the benefits customers can expect from the technology behind those products?
Benefits that you can expect from the technology are the comfort and feel of natural fibres with performance that doesn’t change! Due to the intimate blend of fibres, we DO NOT need to rely on any topical finishes for the materials to work. This means that your product will wick quickly, absorb up to 4 tampons worth of fluid, and dry quickly from the first to the last day you use them.