Fisher + Baker

How would you describe Fisher + Baker brand?
At Fisher + Baker we create premium Functionally Superior Menswear for the Modern Man. Each Fisher + Baker piece is designed with timeless style, purposeful details and functional performance. 

Since the brand’s inception, we have believed in building relationships and investing in retail partnerships that foster great customer service, that’s why we primarily sell wholesale and choose to partner with the best menswear retailers in the United States. 

What led you to choose drirelease cashmere as a solution for the your collection?
When we set out to create the Everyday Cashmere Crew, we had one goal: to create the most luxurious, functional t-shirt on the market. That goal led us to develop our drirelease/cashmere blend. By incorporating incredibly soft cashmere fibers with drirelease, we achieved the optimal luxurious hand feel while still benefitting from the functionality of drirelease. 

What are the benefits customers can expect from the technology behind those products with drirelease?
You can expect superior moisture management from our Everyday Cashmere Crews. Our drirelease/cashmere blend wicks away moisture and helps regulate body temperature. An added benefit to this cashmere blend is that it is easy to care for.