Redvanly’s founder tells us why drirelease works for his brand

Andrew Redvanly is the founder of REDVANLY, an athleticwear brand that has its roots firmly planted in Jersey City, New Jersey. If you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s only a matter of time because this brand is taking the golf and tennis athleticwear world by storm. And they’re not stopping there. Hear what they have to say about drirelease.



How would you describe the REDVANLY brand?
We are a progressive athleticwear line for the individual athlete and we focus primarily on high-performance fabrics, modern design, and building the best pieces to compete in.

How would you describe your customer?
They’re athletic. They’re the ones who are doing something active on a weekly basis. They’re somebody who is in the workforce and has a lot going on, but then transitions to individual sports to stay active, to stay competitive. That one side of it. On the other side are those who are competing in those sports currently; the younger demographic who are potentially in school or taking the sports we cover pretty seriously, and are completing on more of a competitive level as they move through the ranks.

Which items in your product line are drirelease?
Everything except for our jackets.

What made you decide that drirelease was the best fabric solution for your customers and choose to use it in all your products?
We like the fact that the technology is strong, different, and unique with drirelease. The softness and hand-feel of the fabric is obviously the first thing you’ll notice, but what we like is how it performance and how Tencel will grab the water off your body and bring it into the shirt to keep you cool and dry and comfortable while competing so you don’t have to worry about any sort of discomfort while you’re focusing on what’s important. So those things all combined made it an easy decision for us. It performs better than most.

REDVANLY Hicks Polo | Photo courtesy of REDVANLY

What can your customers expect next from REDVANLY?
We going to be growing our tennis and our athletic/athleisure products in the next year. We are going to be pushing more into those areas and creating more products for the everyday athlete who may not be competing in golf or tennis but want to just go out and run, or to the gym, and just wants to be active and stay fit. [It will be] a collection that wouldn’t be so sport-specific so we’ll be able to cater to a larger group of athletes. It should be available around March or April of 2019.

What benefits can your customers expect from REDVANLY over other performance golf and tennis wear?
The great thing about the fabric is that you don’t need to worry about any topical treatments [wearing off]. If you wash it and take care of it, it’ll last you a long time. I think they’re used to being able to depend on our products and not having to worry about how many washes or how many times they can wear it until it needs to be replaced.


REDVANLY is a modern athletic wear line designed specifically for athletes with the vision to create product enhancing efficiency and complement passionate performance. At the essence of REDVANLY is a bold, perseverant, confident, yet unpretentious attitude. The REDVANLY requirement is to nurture consumers’ athletic nature, honor their core commitment to sports, passion for high-level performance, and design unparalleled product aimed to enhance personal discovery with ultra-comfortable pieces that are created to compete. Born and raised in Jersey City since 2013.

Top image features REDVANLY Linden Sleeveless Polo Photo courtesy of REDVANLY