How do you describe the Terramar brand?
In 1971 Terramar Sports was established with one goal in mind; to provide outdoor adventurers with gear that contain the perfect combination of form, fit and function. For 48 years, Terramar Sports has been dedicated to utilizing the finest natural and synthetic materials in our gear. We strive to provide you exceptional quality gear, from the inside out. By sourcing the best materials, our goal is to create a better world for future generations to come. With the advancements of recyclable fabrics, we are reducing waste, pollution and conserving natural resources. At Terramar, we are users of the ear and have years of design experience to ensure every feature of our gear has purpose. We are committed to constantly innovating and creating great product to keep gear junkies comfortable in the outdoors and protected from the elements.

Terramar is releasing new Layer System with drirelease fabrics. What is the added benefit customers can expect from the technology behind those products?
Fusing nature and technology, Terramar’s Transport Merino and Matrix Merino Wool combines the natural
thermal regulation of Merino wool with the performance-enhancing properties of the drirelease yarn construction. This award-winning combination features an increased surface area for moisture to spread. As well, the grid-like Transport channels allow for air and moisture to travel for increased evaporation times. Our Matrix Merino features double knit construction with a grid fleece back side, so the fabric is conducive to trap warm air in when needed. Our drirelease Terramar products are engineered in combination with ClimaSense® technology to adapt to a large array of activities in cold weather.

What led you to ultimately determine that drirelease was the solution for the Terramar Layer System?
When starting this project, we knew we wanted to include more natural fibers like Merino Wool in our line. Our innovation lab has worked with developing cutting-edge synthetics and wanted to enhance our products with Merino wool. Merino wool is nature’s performance fiber, with great thermal regulation, moisture absorption and anti-odor properties. drirelease is an industry leader in fusing nature with science, making this a natural partnership from the start.