drirelease® HEAT: warmth without the weight

Meet drirelease® HEAT, a new engineered blend designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable all day long. drirelease HEAT provides a higher thermal value in lighter weights due to a special hygroscopic and heat-generating fiber blended with merino Wool or Lyocell. The yarn is designed to pull sweat and vapor away from the body and first layer, enhancing thermoregulationdrirelease® HEAThas found a home in the quickly growing trend of performance sweaters. Create your own style with our trusted partners using drirelease® HEAT which provides a super soft feel, excellent pilling performance and versatility for base-layers, mid-layers, sweaters, outerwear, headwear and socks.

About Optimer Brands

Optimer Brands, the makers of drirelease®, Dricomfort®, and OPTIMER® continue as a pioneer in textile technology and part of the best performance fabrics and activewear in today’s marketplace. It’s what lets you move more comfortably as you pursue your passions by wicking, drying, cooling, and freshening. The best brands and retailers in the World utilize Optimer’s expertise, sophisticated fabrics, smart performance, and eco-friendly advances. As a company, Optimer Brands is committed to its promise of comfort.